Within the Tenuta Valle Cento one will be able to visit our “Giardino Orticolo”. A vegateble garden – of approximately 4.000 sqm where you will be able to find more than 5500 varieties of organic plants such as round and purple eggplants, yellow peppers, borlotti beans, red chard, butternut pumpkin and moscato della provenza pumpkin, roman artichoke, varieties of tomatoes such as Roma and bunch tomato. Furthermore you will find  more than 1000 varieties of edible flowers that have been all planted in wooden boxes, that will be used for cooking and for  learning labs together with unique aromatic plants like cinnamon flavored basil, lime flavored basil, pineapple flavored sage.

It will be possible to buy on spot vegetables and flowers of our production within a 5kg portion presented in a wooden box or alone.

“Natural cycles of agriculture of the past

Cultivations of cereals, legumes and forage with pasture sheep and cattle in total freedom